Are you an investor? Or maybe, you have just decided to start a new life and business in Istanbul. In both ways, you need to know that Istanbul has the most rapidly growing real estate market of the country.

If you are looking for a property in Istanbul you need a qualified agent at first, for sure.  Before you buy, sale and/or invest in Istanbul, your agent can inform and assist you about all the steps in detail.

The city is really big and populous. There are two sides: European and Asian. When you start your search, this is the main information you need to know. Here, we give you a mini guide about the top 5 areas you can have a look at before buying a property in Istanbul.


Şişli is one of the oldest and the most extensive districts of the city. Especially the number of residences is on the rise. Your property agent will guide you where to look at in Şişli. Accept him also as your investment consultant. Şişli is really perfect for investment. Public transportation is available at anywhere and can take you ever point in the city. Numerous malls, hotels and social activities are in the neighborhood. Not only residences, but also newly-built apartments are so popular because of urban renewal. Specifically, Bomonti is the one of the most remarkable region with appealing real estate projects in the last years in Şişli.


Anyone in the world today knows that Taksim (Taxim) is the heart of İstanbul. All the colors of the city are within this district. Stores, cafes, cultural events, art galleries, festival saloons and so on. The main street of Taksim is İstiklal Street, but indeed Taksim is really big. You need to discover the area with a guide, your property agent. There are many apartments for sale. And again, due to the urban renewal there are new options.


This is one of the most budget-friendly districts of the city. Another advantage is that it’s close to Atatürk Airport, 15 minutes drive. Your property agent will list you other benefits also. For instance, countless malls and universities are nearby and all the projects in Beylikdüzü offer you a secure life with green areas. Public transportation is accessible with Metro, Metrobus and buses.  10-15 minutes drive to the seaside. And one more significant benefit: When you buy a property, you can find tenant easily or you can resale in a reasonable time. Please also have a look at properties in Büyükçekmece which is close to Beylikdüzü.


Propery prices in Istanbul’s central areas (like Taxim, Şişli, Levent etc.)  increase faster than this district. In the last years, Bahçeşehir is one the most looked-for locations for investors. Here are the reasons. First of all, prices are suitable. The property types are various; villas, flats, studios. Most of them are surrounded by green areas. When you invest in Bahçeşehir, you guarantee many benefits too. It’s close to Atatürk Airport, universities, malls, shopping districts, seaside and public transportation. With all these, your property can be used as both winter and summer house. Easy to find a tenant and great for resale.


Do you want to make smart investments with affordable prices? Here’s one of the best districts in the city for your wish. Esenyurt is the neighbor district to Beylikdüzü. Many sites, towers and residences have made launches. Most of them were sold out at the week projects weren’t event finished, but new projects are getting ready. The specifications of the flats are superb for both singles and families. Many shopping malls are nearby and Atatürk Airport is just 20 minutes away. Property types are diverse and all of them offer commercial opportunities. Please don’t forget to ask your property expert to inform you about the real estate projects in Sefaköy and Güneşli too.