Can foreigners buy properties in Turkey?

Yes, they can. After the law change in 2012, most nationalities are allowed to buy properties in Turkey.

Why shall I buy a property in Istanbul?
How can I find a house in İstanbul?
Does it take too long to get the title deed after purchasing?
What are the other expenses while buying?
Is it enough to buy a property in Istanbul to get a resident permit?
Do I have to visit Istanbul to purchase a property?
Can foreigners have a bank account in Turkey?
If I buy a property in Istanbul, will it be freehold?
Who sells properties in Turkey? How will I know he is trustable?
What is property consultant/real estate agency fee?
Do I have to insure my property in Turkey?
What are the profitable locations in İstanbul?
Can you plan my trip for inspection?
Which documents do I need to buy a property?
Can I buy more than one property?
Can I rent the property I bought in Istanbul?
Can I use Mortgage loan to buy a property?
How much do I need to buy a house in Istanbul?
Do properties contain furniture in Istanbul?

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