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  • Can foreigners buy properties in Turkey?

    Yes, they can. After the law change in 2012, most nationalities are allowed to buy properties in Turkey.
  • Why shall I buy a property in Istanbul?

    You have numerous reasons to take this decision. First of all, it’s a great and smart investment. There’s has been a very serious rise in foreigners in buying homes in Istanbul recent years. Thinking of the business potential, the location of the city is unbeatable. Also you can evaluate your investment as rental. The Real Estate market is in an inevitable rise. If you buy property in Istanbul, you’ll benefit plentiful conditions.
  • How can I find a house in İstanbul?

    You need a qualified and reliable expert. In other words, you need a real estate/property consultant. Your consultant has to be the perfect guide in every step. This expert will lead you to the options according to your needs. Be sure that your consultant is experienced and has a wide, up-to-date portfolio. A good consultant can absolutely find the best option for you.
  • Does it take too long to get the title deed after purchasing?

    If it’s a finished project, it won’t take too long. Mostly after 6 working days, you can have your title deed.
  • What are the other expenses while buying?

    Purchase tax, VAT and stamp tax are the ones you have to pay just for once. Then you’ll have expenses, which you have to pay regularly like water, gas, and electricity. There will be also annual (insurance, tax) and monthly expenses. Every real estate project has its own monthly expense rates. Your property expert will inform you in details before your decision.
  • Is it enough to buy a property in Istanbul to get a resident permit?

    Yes. For one (1) year you can have the resident permit. Then you’ll need to renew it. For long term permits, you need to take legal consultancy.
  • Do I have to visit Istanbul to purchase a property?

    No, you don’t have to. Via your real estate consultant’s website you can pick your options and let your consultant know. Afterward, he will give you the details and the offer. Your property expert shall use all digital communication tools efficiently if you prefer proceeding digitally.
  • Can foreigners have a bank account in Turkey?

    Yes, they can. Your valid passport, Turkish tax number and gas, water or electricity bill (to show your address) will be enough to open an account at most of the banks in Turkey. 
  • If I buy a property in Istanbul, will it be freehold?

    Yes, it will be a freehold property.
  • Who sells properties in Turkey? How will I know he is trustable?

    You have to be very careful about this issue. Don’t trust everyone who says that he sells properties. You need an authorized and certified property expert / real estate consultant. Be sure that the services your consultant offers are all legally permitted.
  • What is property consultant/real estate agency fee?

    If the property is sold, legally he takes %3 service fee from the owner of the house and the purchaser but due to competition conditions, consultants decrease the fee sometimes down to zero for buyers and support buyer for max discount from property price to cover the commission from seller side. The result is mostly no cost/loss for buyer.
  • Do I have to insure my property in Turkey?

    Yes. There are different insurance needs and musts, some are optional. We are capable to guide you also about the insurance process. 
  • What are the profitable locations in İstanbul?

    There are so many areas evolving and changing in Istanbul. In recent years, almost every project on any location is attractive to investors because of the urban renewal. Anyway, your real estate consultant will inform you about the latest popular districts. 
  • Can you plan my trip for inspection?

    With pleasure. This is one of our pre-sales services. We make your accommodation arrangements. We pick you from the airport and also do hotel pick-ups for free. We accompany you during project visits.
  • Which documents do I need to buy a property?

    You don’t need so many papers and stuff. All you need is your valid passport, 6 passport size photos, tax number and bank account. 
  • Can I buy more than one property?

    Yes, you can. There no limitations about the number of the purchases you can have.
  • Can I rent the property I bought in Istanbul?

    Yes, you can. We recommend you to let your real estate consultant offer this service to you.
  • Can I use Mortgage loan to buy a property?

    Not all but some of the Turkish banks ensure loans. If you are interested, your property consultant can inform and guide you about this issue also.
  • How much do I need to buy a house in Istanbul?

    Istanbul is a very big city including different types buildings, residents, apartments etc. Prices are varied depending on the size and location of the project. Also property types are so assorted. Please contact your consultant to learn the prices of the options you pick.
  • Do properties contain furniture in Istanbul?

    In many projects, bathrooms and kitchens are fully fitted. Very few are fully furnished. Most of the properties in Turkey are purchased without furniture. We recommend you to choose your furniture according to your delight.