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1. Buying and selling real estate in Turkey are transferred to the Land Registry. Only there does the official sales act take place, not in preliminary negotiations with brokers, property developers, private sellers. A transfer of ownership never takes place with a notary who, unlike in Germany, is not entitled to such transactions.

2. All preliminary contracts (also "notarized real estate purchase contracts") are only a non-binding purchase promise between seller and buyer. Although a preliminary contract should always be entered in the land register as a reservation, it does not offer 100% security against financial loss. The seller is not legally obliged to transfer the property to the buyer with the reservation in the land register. Security only gives out the tapu.


3. Therefore do not pay more than the agreed down payment, as long as the tapu transfer has not yet taken place.


4. Request a flawless tapu for existing real estate and let it check whether the entry is correct and free of debts and debts. Let the lawyer advise you, not a notary.


5. Foreigners can only acquire real estate property and rights of use in the areas for which there is an urban development plan. In protected areas (for example military restricted areas) they are not allowed to buy real estate.


6. In the sale of the tapu office, the presence of the official, the buyer and the seller is required by law.


7. Purchase contract and tapu are in Turkish language. Only documents certified by sworn translators and certified by notaries are legally binding.


8. Please note: A broker in Turkey needs an office of at least 60 square meters and must have a license. Therefore, never go to offers from mobile brokers or the like!

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